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JSC Heritage Securities, established in 2009, is a brokerage company fully licensed and regulated by the National Bank of Georgia and with their license allowed to be engaged in brokerage activities on the local and international securities markets. 

 JSC Heritage Securities provides its institutional and retail clients a broad range of services: Agency brokerage, Asset management services, In-depth research of the financial markets,Investment banking 

 Company’s vision is to build a leading client-driven firm offering brokerage services based on the core values of excellence in transparency, integrity and trust. JSC Heritage Securities is committed to maintain future growth of its market share locally and expand its geographic reach over time on the international markets by developing and offering new financial instruments and products meeting its customers’ needs. 

Brokerage & Investment Banking

Open a brokerage account with us for a convenient way to trade and hold Georgian and internationally traded securities.


We offer our clients access to the US, UK, Romanian, Polish, Mongolian, Iraqi, Uzbek, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian and major European markets. We have established partnerships with Atonline Limited (Cyprus), UniCredit CAIB (Poland), Fairwind Securities (Romania), Eurasia Capital (Mongolia), Rabee Securities (Iraq), Orient Securities (Uzbekistan), Armenbrok (Armenia), and Chelsea Capital (Azerbaijan).

Exchange Rates

buy sell NBG
USD 2.4500 2.5100 2.4778
EUR 2.6970 2.8220 2.7293
GBP 3.4520 3.6300 3.4679
RUB 0.0296 0.0341 3.3064


GSE Index 87.76 0.05 0.06%
S&P 500 1,948.1 -3.65 -0.19%
DOW JONES 16,640.0 -57.32 -0.34%
FTSE 100 6,096.0 83.2 1.38%
NIKKEI 225 16,188.4 48.07 0.30%
MSCI EM 740.02 4.67 0.64%
MSCI FM 490.64 0.81 0.17%


bid ask last
GEORG 21 5.71% 5.48% 5.59%
GEOROG 17 7.46% 6.54% 7.00%
GEBGG 17 5.74% 4.92% 5.33%
GRAIL 22 7.12% 6.92% 7.02%